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Webdesign With Hosting Package

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Price* FREE $98 $198 $298

 * charged per month, comes with a fair use agreement


Graphics Design $69.98
Software/webapp programing $139.98

*charged per hour on a one (1) hour incremental basis

IT and Computer Repair

In House or DigiSupport™ diagnostics $39.98 FREE ***
Traning/Data Entry $98.98
Business House Call (we come to you) $139.98
Server/Network install, repair or other things not listed $169.98

*charged per hour on a one (1) hour incremental basis. Extra mileage may be charged. Travel time is charge at regular rate to and from our repair centres.
*** Most diagnostics take 1 hours. First hour is free then charged at our regular rate.

Offsite Backup

US Data Center $0.48
Saskatoon Data Center $0.98
Global Data Centers (Japan, USA and Canada) $2.50
Hard copy (Shipping and media not included) $9.95

* per GB per month 

All packages include our backup software (fully encrypted with advanced verification) and phone notification on backup failing, to give you peace of mind.


DVD With Full Colour Label (DVD5 120min/4.7GB)*

Disks wanted**Cost per Disc
10000 $3.65
5000 $3.76
2500 $3.87
1000 $3.98
500 $3.09
250 $4.20
100 $4.31
50 $4.42

All orders must be placed in advance.

* Prices do not include cases/packaging, or shipping. For cases and shipping see below. Graphics design and remastering charged separately at an hourly rate. Setup fee may be charged for master image and label verification or sample. Orders must be placed in advance 30 days or Rush Order must be placed. Rush Orders are available and will put your order at the front of the cue. Rush Orders will incur a %150 extra charge for under 2 weeks, %100 extra charge for under 4 weeks. Orders below 50 and above 10000 may be subject to extra processing fees.

** Per order/batch and per master image.

We beat competitor prices!

ManufacturerPrice eachIncludes labelling
Digihaven $3.98 Yes
Staples $5.00 No
FB Int $4.85 Yes

* All prices are matched at 10000 disc. Even for smaller batches we will beat competitor prices.

Dedicated Streaming Media Service

TypePlay timeBit rateTotal StreamCost Per View
Dial-Up Video * 90min 32 Kbps 172,800 Kb $0.05
High Speed Light Video * 90min 200 Kbps 1,080,000 Kb $0.32
High Speed Basic Video * 90min 300 Kbps 1,620,000 Kb $0.48
High Speed Basic Extreme * 90min 400 Kbps 2,160,000 Kb $0.64
DVD Low Video * 90min 1,000 Kbps 5,400,000 Kb $1.61
DVD Med Video * 90min 1,500 Kbps 8,100,000 Kb $2.41
DVD High Video * 90min 2,000 Kbps 10,800,000 Kb $3.22
HD/Blu-Ray Video * 90min 4,000 Kbps 21,600,000 Kb $6.44

*Account Setup fee is $95.00 USD.
*An additional$120 per video setup fee applies.
*Multi connection fee applies.

NPO Donation

  • Nonprofit organizations qualify for donation of our services. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply.
  • After you receive your token: Click Here
  • Each year Digihaven requires that all NPOs refile the form please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.
  • Our max donation is 50%. Terms and conditions apply.

Software Prices 

Each software purchase comes with 1 Simple Support credit. Each Support Credit is worth 1 hour of support and limited to 1 Support Ticket. Below is a chart of each support credit type. Please use the contact page to find out how to contact support. 

 Simple and Pro SupportAdvanced Support
Respond times: 5-7 days 24-48 hours
Support level:  Email. Phone and Email. Programing error fixes, remote server support, installation and feature requests(adding them).
How to obtain: Buy software licences for each support credit. Or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for bulk credits.
Cost: Included with software purchase.

Please note: all dates are tentative and subject to change. Each credit is only valid during any software subscription period. After subscription period, the credit will expire. Non software subscriptions will expire within one year. All support comes "as is" and all sales are final. Please read our Terms Of Service for more restrictions.