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Web Design

Standard Features

  • Free Domain name
  • 1 Year Free Webhosting
  • Free Basic SEO
  • Personalized Email Forwarding
  • Professional Photo and Video Production
  • Visitor Hits and Marketing Reports


Standard Features

  • Free cleanings and diagnostics
  • 1 years warranty on new parts
  • Asset tracking
  • Certification

Web design

man_standoutIf you can dream it, we can build it! With over 10 years of experience in web design, we have provided cost saving solutions, and impacting designs! Our motto is: design it so you can take over, and watch it grow!


DVD, Blu-ray and CD Manufacturing

intrestindigihavenDVD, also known as "digital versatile disc" or "digital video disc," is an optical disc storage media format. Its main uses are video and data storage. Most DVDs are of the same dimensions as compact discs (CDs) but store more than six times as much data.

DVDs are by far the most popular way to physically distribute video worldwide.

Digihaven uses the highest in quality DVD-R/DVD+R media, with photo quality labeling.


Cloud Point of Sales and Rentals (now including ERP)


We provide:

  • Cloud based Software that requires no backups or expensive hardware. (Lowering cost of ownership)
  • Full training and demos for POS, rentals and ERP.
  • Online integration - allowing stock to be displayed online just like a catalog. 
  • Maintenance and migration for all other POS and ERP.
  • Hardware and software sales.
  • Customization - for companies that need extra control over their business transactions.




Business Coaching

We provide positive support, feedback and advice to an individual or group basis to improve your personal effectiveness in the business setting. Business coaching includes executive coaching, corporate coaching and leadership coaching.

The International Coach Federation, the International Coaching Council and the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches provide a membership-based association for business coaching professionals. These and other organizations train professionals to offer business coaching to business owners. According to a MarketData Report in 2007, an estimated 40,000 people in the U.S., work as business or life coaches, and the $2.4 billion industry is growing at rate of 18% per year. According to the National Post, business coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

There are almost as many different ways of delivering business coaching as there are business coaches. Some offer personal support and feedback, others combine a coaching approach with practical and structured business planning and bring a disciplined accountability to the relationship. Particularly in the small business market, business coaching is as much about driving profit as it is about developing the person.

Coaching is not a practice restricted to external experts or providers. Many organizations expect their senior leaders and middle managers to coach their team members to reach higher levels of performance, increased job satisfaction, personal growth, and career development. Business coaching is not the same as mentoring. Mentoring involves a developmental relationship between a more experienced "mentor" and a less experienced partner, and typically involves sharing of advice. A business coach can act as a mentor given that he or she has adequate expertise and experience. However, mentoring is not a form of business coaching.

Dedicated Streaming Media Service

Distribute your videos via Digihaven's Dedicated Streaming Media Service (DDSMS). DDMS offers a viewing client to distribute your media via online and through our viewing devices. Simply place the video on your site or email. DDSMS includes a Pay-per-view service for your customers, that pays for its self!


Advanced Marketing

We can put your business on Social Media websites, with regular upkeep to obtain increased awareness about your products and services.

Advanced Email:

Essential to marketing, sales, and support activities, SyncSource email integration provides email management. SyncSource email integration streamlines common tasks and promotes more effective communication with employees and customers.

Software design

We can create any desktop or mobile app you need. Contact us today for a free quote!

Video Surveillance and Offsite Backup

We at Digihaven can help bring your entire business peace of mind. Compleate with our remote monitoring service, that notifies you by phone if any of your systems fail, making our service the most reliable out of any other service on the market. 

Our Security service has two distinct purposes:

  • Video Surveillance: With our video security systems you can monitor your location for theft or break-ins. Theft is a common issue in any workplace. 
  • Off site backup: Even computer novices know that file backups is important. Our off site backup service enables you to recover data after its loss, be it by fire, data deletion or corruption. Data loss is  a common experience of computer users.

Contact us today for a free quote!

Video Surveillance

camerasOur surveillance system allows you to view your locations on your website or to ensure your security. We have also fond that adding webcams to entertainment businesses has increased their traffic of customers, and is a key in our SMO (Social Media Optimization). Please contact us for a free quote.

Our IP Security Camera is an all-n-one solution for home, small business or even corporate network monitoring.

You can monitor the video feed of multiple cameras in your favorite web browser or your smartphone.



IT and Computer Repair

We can manage all of your business IT needs. We have all the experience you need.

  • Desktops to Large scale servers
  • Point Of Sales.
  • Interactive displays.
  • Printer maintenance and supplies.
  • Networking