Content - Heading Links

Compatible Joomla: 1.5
Extension Type: plugin

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Content - Heading Links

This easy to use Plugin and Module creates Wikipedia style header links for Joomla. The Header Links Plugin indexes all of your h1 to h6 tags (You can disable/enable each inside the Module settings).

Make your site easier to navigate, and more professional looking by using Heading Links.

How to install

From the Joomla backend:

1) Download and Install both the module and plugin in the Extentions > Install/Uninstall.

2) Enable the plugin in then Extentions > Plugin Manager.


3) Enable the module in the Extentions > Module Manage.



What tags are supported?

The h1 to h6 tags are used to define HTML headings.

Is there an example of it in use?

On the left of this page (and through the entire Digihaven site) Heading Links is used.

How do I put the headinds in the content area like

To insert a module inside an article you use the "{loadposition xx}" command, as follows:

  1. Create a module and set its position to any value that doesn't conflict with an existing template position. You can type in the position value instead of selecting it from the drop-down list. For example, use the position "myposition".
  2. Assign the module to the Menu Items that contain the articles that you want the module to show in. You can also just assign the module to "All" Menu Items.
  3. Edit the articles where you want this module to show and insert the text "{loadposition myposition}" in the article, at the place where you want the module to show.

The module will show at that point in the article.

Note that this only works when the plugin 'Content - Load Module' is enabled. If this plugin is disabled, the text "{loadposition myposition}" shows unchanged in the article.



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