Article Module

Compatible Joomla: 1.5.0
Extension Type: module

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Article Module

This mod allows you to use an Article as a Module and also support Front-end editing. All of the mods we have tried on JED cannot do this, and we know may people use front-end editing.

Multiple instances

This is a basic Joomla question. You can create as many instances of  Article Module as you like (Or any other module) and make them only display on specific pages by:

  1. Go to your Module Manager, and then clicking "New" on the top right.
  2. Once there click on "Article" in the list.
  3. Enter a new title for your Article Module. (In this case you might want to name it after the specific page that it will be displaying on)
  4. Set the position to your right column.
  5. Select your article on the right.
  6. Then where is says "Menu Assignment" you want to change it to "Select Menu Item(s) from the List" and chose the pages you only want it to show on.

No read more links?

This is a common misconception about the design of Joomla article views. Have you ever seen the read more links on an article page? The answer is no. This plugin is based on components/com_content/views/article/ hence the name Article Module (using ContentView) module. Basing it off the Article View enables less issues during Joomla core updates and enables the full feature of Joomla Articles such a plugins and editing. Redmore links are not processed by the Joomla Article View. Redmore links are only available using Blog or Front page view! The Joomla core strips out readmore links from Content View, so Article Module is unable to use them. This was done by the Joomla designers, and not Digihaven. We are unable to change the way the Joomla core functions. Please ask the makers of Joomla if you want this feature, or wait for the stable release of the Blog Module.

Details From Version: Trunk r202